Coaching and workshops to “lighten” your path toward change.

"You are today where the thoughts of yesterday have brought you and you
will be tomorrow where the thoughts of today take you." Blaise Pascal





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Lunch And Learn

"Lighten Up Your Plate"-Portion Size Your Life, Not Just Your Plate: Using an interactive and entertaining style, I engage attendees in exploring their life plate and the impact it has on their food plate. This is both a weight loss seminar; and a self-management workshop where attendees are empowered to implement tools into their life to improve health and workplace productivity.

"Good Things Come in Small Packages"- Learn how to become your own Portion Monitor and learn to resist overeating. Keep an eye on portion size with S.M.A.R.T visuals.
"Add Color, Lose Weight"- Discussion of the benefits and nutrients found in adding a variety of color to your healthy eating plan.  Each color provides a different nutrient and benefit heath and weight loss. We will explore how having a colorful attitude can enhance our well being!

"Pump You Up!"- A different kind of workout! Your thoughts are the "weight"! We will explore how to "lift" our thoughts and boost our motivation! This is the most underused weight loss tool but the most powerful!

"Comfortable Fit!”- In this workshop we explore cravings and comfort foods. Leave with tools for a "good fit" with cravings and comfort foods.

"PIECE of Time brings PEACE of Mind!"- Take a break have fun and relax in this lunch and learn! “This is a workshop on "self-management" Together we have fun looking at the known 24 hours in a day! We will explore what it looks like to free up time for you and how to make time work for you.

These are a few of the popular corporate lunch and learns.  We are always willing to tailor any lunch and learn or workshop to your wants. A variety of workshop and group coaching are available Call 609-915-4163 You can also email for my free brochure for a friend or yourself by emailing me anytime!



"Sally Jones has been an inspiration to all of our students involved in the Leadership program here at Mercer County College. Working with her has been an absolute joy! She is a motivator for students and staff alike! She is focused on helping the students gain clarity, develop a plan, and take action towards their goals. Our program would not be as well rounded as it is without her sessions on Goal Setting, Time Management, Making Healthy Choices, and Stress Reduction during finals week. She is a diamond in the rough and we can’t wait to have her back on campus for another semester of inspiration!"

Tina Young
Events Coordinator
Mercer County Community College

The students of Mercer County Community College enjoy Sally so much, they ask for her!
Sally connects with the students and staff on a personal level. Everyone enjoys her workshops and leaves feeling refreshed, educated, and empowered. Sally’s level of enthusiasm is infectious.

Danielle Garruba-Ice
MCCC  Staff

I am happy this workshop was available on campus. I
with It was scheduled through final exams, when stress
management is critical.

Kiacha Christy
MCCC Student


All of the workshops were creative and innovative and
kept participants engaged. Sally’s workshops are the
perfect way to energize your team and learn new skills.

Mirriam Limage Pierre
Tri-Chair Women’s Resource Group


Having Sally as my life coach really changed my life!  She is truly a remarkable and natural life coach & motivator.  Prior to being coached by Sally I had difficulty seeing things as they truly were and making the right choices.  My life was completely out of balance!  While being coached by Sally, I opened my front door and walked out into MY life.  I have overcome fears and obstacles and tried things that I would not have in the past.  Thanks Sally! You are a miracle and a blessing to anyone's life you enter.

D. Milianta


If you are looking for a life coach, I highly recommend Sally. Sally is professionally trained to help you cope with any situation—whether it pertains to your relationships, career, or even your health. And she has a vivacious personality that makes sessions fun. Her positive energy is truly contagious and will put you in a better frame of mind from the moment you meet her. Moreover, Sally is willing to go the extra mile to help all of her clients meet their goals. In the process, you will also discover a lot about yourself and learn how to put your best self forward. Speaking from personal experience, I cannot thank her enough for all she has done to help me feel better about myself at a time when I wanted it most.

K. Rouba


Wednesday's at noon have become the bright spot of my day. I look forward to meeting with you and our group of enthusiastic ladies to talk about our concerns, worries and most importantly our accomplishments.

You are definitely the light at the end of many tunnels and we truly appreciate your energy, but more significantly your reassurance and confidence in treating each and every one of us as distinct individuals who are vital to you.

Thank you, Sally. You are amazing!


Very much enjoyed your gathering and presentation on Wednesday. I am glad I attended. It was inspiring and I admired they way you facilitated the group and ran things along. It was much better than I had anticipated. Over the years (many years), I have become disenchanted with WW leaders. It was getting to be all the same stuff. This is nice with a smaller group.
That's all. Just wanted to let you know, "it was good stuff," and your energy and attitude was outstanding!




Sally L. Jones, C.E.C. , A.C.C.
Certified Empowerment Coach and Trainer
Tele. 609-915-4163

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