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Planting seeds for summer!

Planting seeds for summer!
"Long stormy springtime wet contentious April,
winter chilling the lap of May; but at length the season of summer does come." Thomas Carlyle

How are you feeling about the approaching of summer?
Are you excited for the warmer beach days, but at the same time having mixed feelings about
wearing a swimsuit? Are you eager for the warmer weather but not so eager to shed some of the bulkier, concealing clothes of winter ?
You are not alone!
Well as the old saying goes..."April Showers bring May flowers"

What can we shower ourselves with this month to help us plant ourselves comfortably into a summer wear by Memorial Day weekend?

Perhaps spring cleaning our pantry? Get rid of the food that does not nourish us ? Fill it with colorful, fresh nourishing foods?
Positive self talk?
Increasing your water intake?
Get outdoors for a daily walk?
Journal the happy moments of your day?

Remember to shower yourself with nurturing thoughts this month! So you CAN plant yourself confidently on the beach or by the pool this summer.



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